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A Trusted and ISO certified Sanitization and Disinfecting Service Provider to Hire for Pest Control and Bird Netting, Car, Office, Society & Home Sanitization Services in Banglore, Hydrabad, Channai and Tier2 cities accross the south India. India follow all the protocols and guidelines of the government in order to provide fully safe services to our customers. Our team is fully equipped with new PPE kits and masks every time they visit a new customer. The temperature of all the members is taken before the visit and is fully asymptomatic.If you feel the need of disinfecting and sanitization your home Bug Verminators Services provided you a cost-effective and safe way of sanitizing your home. We at Bug Verminators services provide home sanitization services by cleaning and wiping off all the touch points of your home along with sanitizing the whole house.


Services We Offer

1. Office Sanitizing/Disinfection Service
2. School Sanitizing /Disinfection Service
3. Residential Disinfection Service
4. Restaurant Sanitizing/Disinfection Service
5. Home Cleaning
6. Restaurants Kitchen Cleaning
7. Showroom Sanitizing/Disinfection Service


How it is done?

1. Our Professtional wear full body protective gear and carry required equipment with them.
2. The entire space is fumigated /sprayed with a special device , every corner and surface is covered.
3. EPA recommended hospital grade chemicals are used, known to kill disease causing viruses , bacteria.
4. All high frequency touchpoints of the office ( door handles, switches etc) are sanitized thoroughly.


Services Guarantee

1. Kills disease causing viruses including Conronavirus (COVID-19)
2. Professionals equipped with protective gear
3. Certified, hospital grade disinfectant used
4. Total sanitisation of high touch surfaces
5. Our Hygiene Experts follow the social distancing protocols

Commercial(Hotels & ITs)

Get The Best of Health and Hygiene With Our Sanitizing Services

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has reemphasized the critical importance of cleanliness and home hygiene. It has even proven that merely because something looks clean doesn’t mean it is clean. It may still have disease-causing viruses and other germs lurking around. People are always looking for sanitization products and services these days. People now understand that they must hire sanitizing services wherever possible to avoid dire consequences to those near and dear to them.

Finding The Right Kind of Sanitizing Service

Simply put, the sanitizing services will spray every surface with a chemical that should kill all the germs. There are four crucial considerations when choosing the kind of chemical used. First, it should effectively kill all the disease-causing germs that may be present in the sprayed area. Secondly, it must not harm things or the surfaces on which it is spread. Thirdly (and most importantly), it should not harm the health of any people who must come in contact with it. The fourth consideration is, of course, that the chemical should be environmentally friendly.

To ensure that the chemical used for sanitizing services is safe, we recommend you only go for a service that uses chemicals that won’t harm the health of those who have to live or work in these spaces. Thus, we highly recommend you check the chemicals used for their possible impact on human health and the environment. While no chemical can complete absolute protection against germs, a good disinfectant can effectively destroy almost all pathogens in the place.

It is also equally important to find disinfection and sanitization services that know how to do their job thoroughly and understand what kind of effort is needed to sanitize different types of things and surfaces. Particular objects such as doorknobs, lift buttons, etc., are regularly touched by the people and thus are very likely to spread the disease throughout the country.

Another important consideration is what the cleaning and sanitation service is doing to ensure the safety of its workers as well as to ensure that the contagion should not spread through them. That is of critical importance as, without proper protection, these workers will get exposed to hazardous environments even as they sanitize them.

When To Get One’s Place Sanitized?

It is an intelligent strategy to get one’s office or living space sanitized periodically - preferably twice or thrice and at least once a year. Disinfection and sanitization services should also be immediately called if there was a contagious disease breakout or an employee or a resident, as the case may be, is found to be infected. The cleaning and sanitation services can significantly cut the costs of contagion in such cases. It is also an intelligent strategy to get the sanitization done once again once the family member has recovered from the contagion.

Cost Of Sanitary Services

Diseases like COVID-19 can result in hospital and medicine bills that run into six-digit figures – never forgetting the chances of death that can’t be measured. Disinfection and sanitization services can help significantly reduce the risk of incurring these costs. Although the office or home sanitization services cost is only a tiny fraction of the losses that may otherwise have to be incurred, it is natural that people want to act budget conscious. Being budget conscious here should not mean trying to pick the cheapest home sanitization services cost one can find. It just means that one doesn’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive one. Instead, one should be focused on finding a decent service with affordable home sanitization services cost.

Cleanliness And Sanitation Complement Each Other

It must be understood that sanitation, as done by these disinfection and sanitization services, and conventional cleanliness are two very different concepts. Neither of them leaves the other superficial - instead, they complement each other in reducing the chances of contagion. While cleanliness can keep places clean and significantly reduce the causes of germ attacks, it is no match for the job done by disinfection and sanitization services. On the other hand, the advantages of sanitation services will only last if one can manage to keep the place last.

Bug Verminators - The Best Sanitation Services

If you are looking for the sanitizing services best suited to your needs, then your search ends here as Bug Verminators has proven itself, time and again, the best sanitation services in the market that has the least home sanitization services cost. We are leading the market now when it comes to providing effective pest control or pest avoidance services of any kind, including pest control services, sanitation services, cobweb services, bird netting services, etc. Much like our other services, the sanitation service we provide is prompt, cost-effective, and safe.

We value safety above all. The chemicals we use for cleaning and sanitation are safe both for the health of your loved ones and your workers as well as the environment in general - they will only affect the pests in your living space as long as you follow the instructions.

Our workers will arrive at your place with their equipment and protective gear. They are all given the latest and most effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - which means they are kept safe from the contagious environment they enter. Thus, our clients need not fear catching any diseases from them. To further ensure the safety of our clients while providing cleaning and sanitation, we also take temperatures and run other tests on our workers to ensure that they are asymptomatic before starting a new assignment.

You will also find that we can be your one-stop solution to all your pest worries as we provide all the other kinds of pest solutions. All our services are the best in the market, and we ensure prompt service each time with affordable home sanitization services cost.

The importance of cleaning and sanitation can’t be gainsaid in a modern environment, whether it is a business environment where it is the only way of avoiding a costly contagion or a home environment where it is a question of the health and life of one’s loved ones. Do you think you need sanitation done too for your place? Just contact us now.